Let the music move you!

This once forbidden dance is now one of the most popular and sexy Latin club dances. This class will teach you the steps, turns, holds and Dominican styling to get you on the dance floor.

While this dance is often danced in close embraces, we will teach you different methods to appeal to your level of comfort.

Our Bachata dance classes will teach you the basic steps, turns and holds, as well as Dominican styling.

Our Bachata Instructors

  • Alvin Taylor
  • Helena Wallis

About Mambo Room Instructors

At the Mambo Room, we take pride knowing we have the highest trained instructors in Hampton Roads.

Our dance instructors are experts in their dance and are passionate about sharing it you.

They have traveled the country, and in some cases even the world, in order to learn new dance moves and techniques to bring back to our dance community to help us grow.

Many have even of performed on various dance teams across the country and shine in the spotlight.

Upcoming Bachata Classes