You don’t need a partner!

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Let the music move you! This once forbidden dance is now one of the most popular and sexy Latin club dances. This class will teach you the steps, turns, holds and Dominican styling to get you on the dance floor. While this dance is often danced in close embraces, we will teach you different methods to appeal to your level of comfort.

There are three series to this course:

For best results, pair this course with Bachata Spice and other speciality Bachata Workshops

Check out these Bachata Workshops as well:

Salsa On2 (New York Style )

Learn this exciting and dynamic dance On 2: New York style!

These classes will teach you partner work, turns, and shines/open footwork, and build on lessons from the week prior. Learn how to effectively lead and follow, how to stay on rhythm, and how to integrate your moves on the dance floor!

There are three series classes to our full course:

We also have 2 Drop-In classes for our more advanced students

For best results, you can pair these classes also with:

Salsa On1 (LA Style)

Learn how to show it off, LA style! This class will also teach you partner work, turns, and shines/open footwork, and build on lessons from the week prior. Learn how to effectively lead and follow, how to stay on rhythm, and how to integrate your moves on the dance floor! For best results, pair this class with Salsa Spinning, Salsa Shines, Salsa Timing, Ladies’ Salsa Styling and Afro Cuban Dance.

Salsa Leading and Following

Salsa dancing is the art of communication through movement. Men will learn to use their body movements to effectively move his partner in intended directions and spins. Women will learn how to understand and translate these movements following his lead.

Salsa Body Movement

Know what to do with your feet but not the rest of your body? This class is for you! Learn to isolate movements in your shoulders, arms, neck, back and hips to add a little spice to your Salsa.

This class will not only teach you isolations, but also how to make these isolations work in harmony with the rest of your body and the music. Add a little sexy to your dance! For the men and the ladies.

Salsa Shines

Salsa is not just about looking good with a partner – you need to be able work it on your own too! This class will teach you the fancy footwork to give your dancing some personality! Learn choreography, body rolls, isolations and syncopated musicality that you can incorporate into your own salsa style. (Must know the basic step).

Salsa Styling (Ladies)

Sorry fellas, divas in training! Ladies, this class will teach you how to use what you’ve got to add some personality and style on the dance floor. We will focus on hand/arm styling, body movement, head whips, hips and of course, legs. Add some sexy to your dance!

Essence of Salsa Series

FOCUS! These series are about drilling technique. If you want to perfect your skills, try these classes. Its perfect for those who want to excel!

Salsa Spice / Bachata Spice

Styling. Styling. Styling.
For men and women – learn how to make your moves flow, how to move your body, how to add personaltiy and sexy to your Salsa and Bachata. Dance and look good while you do it!

Salsa Spinning

This class is a must for the men and the ladies! Learn how to take your spins to the next level. This class will teach you how to use your core to stabilize your frame and how to spot to minimize dizziness. Take control of your spins!

Salsa Timing / Musicality

Timing is everything! Learn to find the conga, the cowbell and the clave in your favorite Salsa songs. Let a solid knowledge of the music determine your moves on the dance floor! Dance inside the music, not just to the music.

Salsa Turn Patterns

This class will build on the leading and following skills you developed in the progressive series. Learn more intricate patterns and the ways to tie them together on the dance floor. This class will teach you to use speed, resistance, and precision to put you in top form on the dance floor.

Salsa Rueda

Round and round she goes! Rueda Salsa or Casino Salsa is a group dance where pairs of dancers form a circle and one person calls out moves. The entire group executes the move and partners are often passed around the circle – tons of fun to dance and watch!

We offer 3 Classes:

Intro To Latin

Get a taste of Latin dance in this upbeat class. This class will help you learn the basics of several several Latin dances, including Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Cha-cha and more! Each class will focus on a different dance style while teaching you how to identify the music and get you ready for the dance floor.

Kizomba is a beautiful partner dance originating from the southern African country of Angola. It is danced to polyrhythmic music ranging from romantic to “edgy” and Kizomba literally means “party” in Kimbundu, one of the Angolan national languages.

Kizomba is a relatively new dance that evolved from Angolan Semba and has become preferred by many throughout the world due to the level of connection required to dance as One with smooth, even steps and a light connection between partners. The music is often sung in Portuguese or Portuguese creole, grounded with African rhythms.

Kizomba rapidly spread throughout Europe in the late 90’s and is now proliferating in the US! The music is captivating and addictive, the dance is VERY addictive. Give it a try and we know you will be hooked!

We offer the following dance classes for Kizomba:


First popularized in the 1950s, semba is a style of music and dance that is the main influence behind other genres from the West African nation, such as kizomba, which took semba’s sensuality to a whole new level.

This upbeat dance is reminiscent of Merengue with an African flare and tons of fun.

Afro Cuban

Afro-Cuban dance is a total body movement class which incorporates Rumba, Son, Palo and Orisha dances. Learn how to take your body movement to another level while dancing to the rhythms of Cuban music fused with African drums. Salsa dancers, this class is recommended in conjunction with our salsa series to enhance your shoulder rolls, hip movements and body isolations.


Bringing sexy back! Learn the basic steps of salsa’s sultry sister dance, the cha-cha. This class will focus on turns, footwork and mastering the syncopated rhythm of the Cha-Cha-Cha.

Crash Course for Beginners

Learn to dance in one day! We offer one-day crash courses in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Swing.


Learn Contemporary or Vintage swing! Swing is characterized by fun elastic movements. It’s danced to different music forms such as blues, pop, hop hop and modern – lots of fun!


Come begin your journey through all of the major ballroom dances. From the smoothness of the Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot to the rhythm of the Rumba, Samba and Swing, this class is sure to broaden your dance horizons.