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Team Spotlight: Rueda de Casino

You might have seen them at the Chrysler. You might have seen them at our Eight Year Anniversary Party. Maybe you've seen them at Dave and Buster's. In any case, I'm sure you've seen the Rueda de Casino team. As curious and hungry as I am for new dance styles, I was sure to stop [...]

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The Scott Wilson Interview

Ladies love him. Men fawn over him. In writing the post on the Rueda de Casino team, I got in a thorough interview with the fabulous Scott Wilson. I have tried to format the interview in a relatively simple way. "Make sure to prep!" 1. Matt: Scott, what is salsa rueda and how [...]

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My First Time Social Dancing

Do you remember the first time that you went out social dancing? I sure do. I was nervous that people would judge me as I struggled to get even the basic moves down. I was afraid that everyone would be watching me. I was apprehensive about asking strangers to dance. I found myself pondering a [...]

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