Bachata (200) Prog. Series Dance Lesson in Norfolk, VA

Bachata (200)
6-Week Progressive Dance Lesson Series

This Bachata Progressive Series covers:

  • Review of Bachata level 101
  • Focus on: Connecting Musicality with Movement
  • Dominican Style Movements and Turns
  • Double Turns and Footwork
  • Freestyle Applications
  • Turn Patterns


Bachata (200) Series Schedule

Please check schedule for next series to begin

Check Prog. Series Schedule

What is a 6-Week Progressive Series Course?

Progressive Series consists of multiple consecutive dance classes structured to build skills from week to week.

To get the best training and benefit possible, we encourage students to attend all 6 classes, in order.

Taking a Progressive Series allows you to learn different aspects of the dance and gives you time to absorb the information from week to week.

This, plus a little practice at home, will allow you to develop muscle memory as the moves start to feel more and more natural.

First Time Student Information


If this is your first time visiting our studio, please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin in order to fill out your registration paperwork and get checked in.

Shoe Policy

Just like any other sport, you need the right equipment for the best results. If this is your first class, we do not require you to wear dance shoes, but we highly recommend it.

Dance shoes not only provide great comfort and flexibility for your feet, they also protect your knees and ankles from injury.

If you choose to continue your dance education, you will need and want to purchase a pair.

For your convenience, dance shoes can be purchased at the Mambo Room. We offer top quality dance heels, mens shoes and also practical practice shoes.

Read our official Dance Studio Policy for more information.

Private Lessons Available

You may also schedule privates lessons for one-on-one instruction with the instructor. Private lessons will help you learn at a more rapid pace and help you to perfect your personal techniques at your own pace.

Refund Policy

Please understand that you are purchasing a spot in all 4 classes, and there is a certain number of students required to host such classes, therefore Progressive Series are not refundable.

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