New York Salsa On2 (100) for Beginners
6-Week Progressive Dance Lesson Series

Our Beginner Salsa 6-Week Progressive Series is great for anyone seeking the excitement of salsa dancing.

Our trained dance instructor will teach you everything you need to know, beginning with a solid foundation that starts with the bare basics and builds your skills from week to week.

There is lot to learn in the world of salsa dancing, but with this 6-week Progressive Series you can take it slow and get your feet moving in the right direction from the start.

In this Beginner Salsa Dance Lessons series you will learn:

  •  Forward Basic Steps
  •  Backward Basic Steps
  •  Side Basic Steps
  •  Cross Body Lead – Inside and Outside
  •  Basic Right & Left Turns
  •  Plus Additional Footwork


Please check our schedule for next series