Bomba Workshop with Semilla Cultural

Bomba Workshop & Bambazo Social
with Semilla Cultural

Learn and experience the Afro-Caribbean music and dance from Puerto Rico called Bomba!!!

It is a music and dance that was developed by the enslaved Africans that lived in the island over 300 years ago, and it is still alive in the island, and nowadays in the U.S.

It is a dialog between the dancer and one of the many drummers. The dancer makes improvised body figures or movements called ‘piquetes’ and the lead drummer –called the ‘primo’ or ‘subidor’– interprets them in the drum simultaneously.

Therefore, each dancer ‘challenges’ or ‘talks’ to the ‘primo’ drummer creating an amazing energy flow between the live music, the voices, the dancer and the drummers.

Bomba is personal expression, it is freedom, and our legacy.

This workshop will cover basic steps for multiple Bomba rhythms, dance sequences, group dynamics, history and individual practice.

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Female attendees are encouraged to bring their own long full circle skirts or scarves. We will have some to borrow, but it might not be enough.