Covid Prevention

How’s this going to work?

First and foremost, we are devoted to keeping our community safe! We have implementing the cleaning policies and restrictions put out by the Governor. It is our wish to make our students feel comfortable so they may still enjoy the dance they love, and also help the Mambo Room maintain business and remain open during this difficult time in our country. Finding a way to social distance ourselves while dancing has been a challenge, but we did figure it out. We will dance in squares until we beat Corona! More info


  • Masks must be worn, please bring your own.  (Masks are available to purchase if you forget).
  • Sanitize hands between dances, and rotating of partners. Please bring your own sanitizer in your pocket to make these transitions smoother for the class. 
  • Keep 6ft apart when not dancing
  • Dance inside the marked areas with your partner to ensure social distancing.
  • No one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the establishment.
  • For partner classes, please bring your own partner when possible. Individuals with out a partner may partner with someone in class, but rotation in class will be limited, and waivers must be signed.
  • Maintain social distancing during class transitioning. After you check into class, please wait till the previous class is dismissed and you have permission to enter the ballroom. Please pay attention to front desk for direction. 
  • For socials, please limit your partners as much as possible and dance Inside the marked area to maintain social distancing.
  • For your safety, the Mambo Room has revised our cleaning policy to be proactive against Covid including frequent disinfection of all surfaces, door knobs and commonly touched areas. We are also treating the facility with a preventative spray to keep the virus away.

We rely on your to help us keep our community safe.

For further information about Covid protection, please talk to our
Covid representatives Kianda or Tracy.