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The Mambo Room has the largest selection of dance shoes in Hampton Roads for both men and women. From sexy dance stilettos to practice jazz shoes, you’re sure to find a pair to suite your needs and likes. Visit the studio to check out the entire stock, find out your size and start dancing!



What are Dance Shoes?

Dance shoes have flexible suede soles that have the perfect balance between ‘slick and stick’. When dancing, you need a sole that allows movement during spins (unlike tennis shoes with rubber soles) and will also grip the floor when you need control (unlike leather or plastic soled shoes). Additionally, dance shoes are very lightweight and flexible to help prevent tired, sore, overworked feet.

Because the dance shoe is very lightweight and has a thin sole, it enables you to roll through and articulate your feet while dancing. This is something that cannot be done in regular street shoes. Rolling through the feet when you’re dancing creates better balance and control in your dancing, like you see from good social dancers.

Do you really need dance shoes?

Absolutely! If you are just beginning to learn how to dance, the right shoe can make a world of a difference. Just like soccer players wear cleats, or football players wear pads, dance shoes are specifically designed and built to support your feet and reduce the possibility of injury to ankles and knees. And women, this is a perfect excuse to buy a new pair of sexy heels!

Finding the Right Pair:

FIT: When purchasing shoes, form is almost important as function. They should be snug, but comfortable and functional. And ladies, it is OK if your toe hangs off the front a bit. This is normal.

COLOR: Most people stick to black or brown, but buying dance shoes is a way to express your personality. Be fun and bold! Go after the fun designs with bright colors.

STYLE: Open toed or closed? Straps or not? 1 in heel or 3 inches? There are so many options. The secret is to try on the style you like and make sure you feel supported. If you wear 3 inch heels all the time, go for it. If you don’t, you will probably be better off in a lower heel or practice jazz shoes.

Maintaining Your Shoes:

  • Do not wear your dance shoes on the street! The rough surface will wear them out quickly and may damage the suede sole of the shoe if they get wet. Most shoes come with shoe bags.
  • Brush your dance shoes as often as need it with a shoe brush. A shoe brush help remove wax build-up from bottom of shoes.
  • Use Heel Protectors for Lady’s shoes to save on heel repairs! It also helps to prevent damage to dance floors, heels and other dancers.

Mambo Room carries dance shoes for men and women by Burju, G Franco, Very Fine and Revolution.

Ask the front desk for your size!

Burju Dance Shoes

G Franco Dance Shoes

Very Fine Dance Shoes

Revolution Dance Shoes

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