11 years ago, along with some friends, Dorian and and Tracy opened a dance studio in Hampton Roads and called it the Mambo Room. They had no idea it would eventually result in what they have now – an amazing community of loving people who support each other in dance and in life.

As one of the founders, Dorian is the HEART of the Mambo Room. When they opened the studio, Dorian was a timid dancer terrified to talk in front of a crowd or on the microphone.

Today, he is a beloved instructor and leader in our dance world, sought out DJ, and director of one of Darlin Garcia’s AIM dance teams. Starting the Mambo Room opened an amazing door to Dorian and in return, he opens it to others.

At the young age of 46, Dorian has been diagnosed with cancer. It started with some back pain that was initially treated as muscle injury, but then evolved into rapid weight loss and bruising.

A trip to the doctor to investigate the problem led to the devastating diagnosis of aggressive stage three Multiple Myeloma, a cancer in the bone marrow. 90% of his bone marrow was already destroyed by the cancer.

He is currently receiving chemotherapy and is expected to undergo a stem cell bone marrow transplant at Duke University in the next few months.

Needless to say, this life-changing diagnosis impacts not only Dorian, but his entire family, including his wife Tracy, their daughter Athena (7), their twin sons Tiago and Uriah (4), and Dorian’s sons Brandon (13) and Anthony (22). Tracy will relocate the family to NC during his treatment at Duke University to support and care for him.

They are in need of financial support for medical bills and all the costs associated with the process, including loss of income during the illness.

Thank you so much for your love and support during this difficult time.

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Dance for DJ Dorian Workshops

Each month the Mambo Room will host an amazing guest instructor in support of DJ Dorian.
Proceeds from the workshops will support Dorian and his family in his fight against cancer.
Please show your support and come dance with us!

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Can’t make it to a workshop?

Please consider donating to the GoFundMe page.

This campaign aims to help Dorian and his family financially so they can focus on getting Dorian back to health.

The money will be used in the following ways:

  1. Pay for 2 years of high insurance deductibles
  2. Relocation to North Carolina during the bone marrow transplant treatment, which often lasts several months
  3. Replacement of lost income, since Dorian will not be able to work at all during the time and Tracy will be limited in her capacity to tend to the Mambo Room, the dance studio they own and love.

Dorian is fighting for his life, and every little bit helps to ease his concerns regarding his ability to provide for his family at this time.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Donate to Help DJ Dorian

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