Kizomba Dance Lessons

Kizomba Dancing

Kizomba is a beautiful partner dance originating from the southern African country of Angola. It’s danced to polyrhythmic music ranging from romantic to edgy and Kizomba literally means “party” in Kimbundu, one of the Angolan national languages.

Kizomba is a relatively new dance that evolved from Angolan Semba and has become preferred by many throughout the world due to the level of connection required to dance as one with smooth, even steps and a light connection between partners.

The music is often sung in Portuguese or Portuguese creole and grounded with African rhythms. Kizomba rapidly spread throughout Europe in the late 90’s and is now proliferating in the US! The music is captivating and addictive and the dance is VERY addictive. Give it a try and we know you will be hooked!

Our Kizomba Dance Instructor

  • Tanya “KiandaT” Fiske

Tanya "KiandaT" Fiske Kizomba Dance Instructor

About the Mambo Room Instructors

At the Mambo Room, we take pride knowing we have the highest trained instructors in Hampton Roads.

Our dance instructors are experts in their dance and are passionate about sharing it you.

They have traveled the country, and in some cases even the world, in order to learn new dance moves and techniques to bring back to our dance community to help us grow.

Many have even of performed on various dance teams across the country and shine in the spotlight.

Upcoming African Dance Classes

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