Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2017-07-07T16:59:36+00:00


 May 27-29, 2017


10 Dance or Fitness Classes
$99 ($150 Value)

Can be used towards single drop-in dance classes, fitness classes
or session in progressive series classes
Unused classes expire in 6 Months

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(1) 6-Week Progressive Series Pkg
$75 ($105 Value)

Includes: (1) Dinner & (1) Social
Can be used towards any regular 6-week series.
Dinner & Social must be redeemed within 6 weeks from first day of progressive series
Unused sessions, dinner and social expire in 6 Months

  This offer has expired



Crash Courses:

(1) Crash Course
$35 ($39 Value)

Can be used for any 3 hour crash course
Excludes guest instructors
Expires in 6 months

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Private Lessons:

(5) 1-Hour Private Lessons
$275 ($325 Value)

One Hour Each
Unused lessons expire in 1 year

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Dance Shoes:

$75 Dance Shoe Gift Certificate
for only $59!

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