Guest Pass Program Rules

As a Member, you are allowed to bring guests!

The following rules apply:

  • Members may bring in as many guests as they like. Each guest may not come more than two times.
  • Guest must be accompanied by Member.
  • Guest must be checked into the front desk upon arrival and fill out a waiver.
  • Guest may only attend one-hour group classes and regular socials. Crash courses, multi-hour workshops, guest instructor workshops and special events are excluded.
  • Guest is limited to take only classes that fall under the membership of the member. For example, if the member has the Beginner Membership, then guest may only come to beginner level classes.

Referral Program Rules

Get one of your friends to sign up for a membership, you will get one month free!

The following rules apply:

  • The referring member (you) must be a member in good standing and current on all fees.
  • Referring member must be noted on the friend’s CONTRACT at the time of sign up in order to get credit. Credits will not be issued from verbal notification give at a later date.
  • Member agrees to not solicit current students of the Mambo Room. Friend must be new to the Mambo Room, meaning they have never attended a class before at the studio and are not registered in our system, with the exception of being a guest. Visiting friend must sign up for the membership within three months of his/her first guest visit in order for referring member to get the credit.
  • After the friend is a member for two months, a credit will be applied to the referring member’s account in the amount of one month’s fee in accordance to the type of membership he/she has.
  • Number of months referring members can accumulate is unlimited!