Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino

Round and round she goes! Rueda de Casino is a Cuban popular dance where pairs of dancers form a circle and perform various partner and group figures at the same time.

Partner exchanges are also performed, allowing dancers to continually move around the circle. Lots of fun to watch!

Casino has been the most popular dance form in Cuba since the 1960s, and has exploded in popularity around the world. Mambo Room instructors utilize the Cuban Casino Method (MCC), which consists of a well-defined technique based in walking on circle pathways.

The class also incorporates styling from Cuban dance styles such as Rumba, Mambo, and Cha-Cha-Cha. You’ll be dancing like a cubano in no time!

We offer 3 classes:

Rueda de Casino 6-Week Series
Casino Partnerwork 6-Week Series
Rueda de Casino 2 hour workshops

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