Salsa (102) Drop-In

Salsa On2 (Level 102)
Drop-in Dance Lesson Class

Normally a Progressive Series, for a limited time this class will be offered as a Drop-in Class.

So take advantages of this opportunity while its available!

In these classes  we will begin taking all the techniques and fundamentals you were taught in the Salsa On2 (100) and Salsa On2 (101) courses and put them together into beginner turn patterns.
We will also begin work on improving partner-work skills.
Both men and women should be proficient with their basic left and right turns, inside and outside turns at this point.

These Classes for Beginner Salsa (102) will include:

  • Copas
  • Back Breaks
  • Cross Body Lead with Men’s Hook Turns
  • Free Spins
  • Around the World
  • Inside Copa to Over the Top

Salsa 102 Drop-In Class Schedule

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