Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dance Lessons in Norfolk Virginia


Mambo Room Dance Studio in Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia offers a wide rage of salsa dance lessons ranging from beginner to advanced in several different styles: Salsa On2 (New York Style), Cuban Salsa (Rueda), Salsa On1 (Casino Salsa).

Our Salsa Classes will teach you:

  •  The basic steps to build the foundation
  •  Turn patterns and partner work
  •  Turns and Spinning
  •  Shines and Open footwork
  •  Personal styling and more!

Learn how to effectively lead and follow, find the beat, stay in rhythm with the timing and how to integrate all your new moves on the dance floor!

 Salsa Instructors

Leroy Windfield Salsa Specialty Dance Lessons Instructor

Tanya 'KiandaT' Fiske Advance Salsa Dance Lessons Instructor

Dorian Gramajo Salsa Dance Lessons Instructor

Ed Lieb Salsa Dance Lessons Instructor

Sherrie Grant Salsa Dance Lessons Instructor






Leroy Windfield, Tanya Fiske, Dorian Gramajo, Ed Lieb, and Sherrie Grant



Upcoming Salsa Classes

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