Rueda (100) Drop-in Dance Lesson Class

Rueda De Casino (100)
Drop-in Dance Class

Rueda de casino is an irresistibly fun Cuban dance style born in the 1960’s which is a unique call-and-response style where partners form a circle and perform dance moves in unison.

Come dance Salsa Rueda with us in Norfolk at the Mambo Room with the AMAZING SCOTT WILSON!

What To Expect in This Class

Students will be introduced to the dance with a focus on core movements.

In this class you’ll learn the essential steps and movements for both the group forms of the rueda.

Movements will include:

  • Basic openings to synchronize movements of the group
  • Cross body leads
  • Partner exchanges
  • and an assortment of core rueda calls and sequences depending on progression of the group


Already know the basic Rueda dance steps?

Check out our Rueda de Casino (101) class!



Rueda (100) Class Schedule

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What is a Drop-In Class?

Drop-in class is open to all students who meet the requirements of this level. Unlike a progressive series, you do not need to attend class consecutively to reap the benefits. This class will not build from week to week.

Pre-Registration for single drop-ins is not required, but it is encouraged.


First Time Student Information

If this is your first time visiting our studio, please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin in order to fill out your registration paperwork and get checked in.


Private Lessons Available

You may also schedule privates lessons for one-on-one instruction with the instructor.

Private lessons will help you learn at a more rapid pace and help you to perfect your personal techniques at your own pace.


Refund Policy

Pre-purchased drop-in classes can be refunded within 10 days of purchase.


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